At the Munroe Falls City Council committee meetings on Jan. 10, Police Chief Jerry Hughes presented commendations to members of his police force and to Fire Chief Lee Chafin.

In addition to Chafin, receiving commendations were Police Sgts. Robert Post and Allan Moser and Officers Brandon Wrobel, Robert Durant and Christina Laughlin.

In presenting the commendation to Chafin, Hughes thanked the fire chief for the training received by every Munroe Falls police officer in the application and use of Naloxone when responding to overdose calls. "The extra effort you put into not only training our officers but to also offer an excellent Policy and Procedure for our department to adopt made it possible for us put this response tool to immediate use. The use of Naloxone in the field has saved the lives of several Munroe Falls residents as we continue to work together to fight this heroin / fentanyl drug epidemic," said Hughes.

"On behalf of our entire staff, I would like to thank you and all of your fellow Fire Department Officers for the excellent teamwork we have established to best serve the citizens of Munroe Falls," he added.

Sgt. Post and Officer Laughlin were recognized for their "quick response and excellent work" in assisting in the delivery of a baby on Jan. 2. Those efforts, along with the one taken by Chief Lee Chafin and his crew, "ensured the safe delivery of this infant and that the mother received the proper medical assistance she needed in this early delivery. This type of teamwork exemplifies how our safety forces work together for the good of our citizens."

Sgt. Moser and Officers Wrobel and Durant were recognized for their efforts in preventing deaths during overdose calls.

Sgt. Moser was commended for "your quick response and your use of Naloxone on multiple calls. On Oct. 26, 2016, your quick response and administering Naloxone immediately after arriving on scene at an overdose call ... saved the life of a young man."

Officer Wrobel was also recognized for saving the life of a young man on Sept. 30, 2016, after the officer's "fast action in administering Naloxone ... He is alive today because of your responses."

Hughes also recognized Chafin and his crew for their shared efforts on these calls.

Responding to an overdose call on Dec. 30, 2016, Durant was commended for his "fast action in administering 8 MG of Naloxone, along with the quick actions taken by Chief Lee Chafin and his crew in administering an additional 4 MG intravenously, that saved the life of this young woman. She is alive today because of your responses."

Hughes noted the overdose calls are increasing. "I thought we had enough [Naloxone] for the year but we're running out."


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