Records were collected from the Portage County recorder's office and were provided by a subscription service. For more information, visit

Michael G. and Jennifer A. Kerchenski to Colin A. and Jayme M. McNeeley, 836 Brookfield Drive, $294,500

Jeanne Nicholson to Gregory J. and Glenda Patch, 155 Eldridge Road, $100,000

Daniel G. Culliton to Jennifer A. Kaminski, 312 Greenbriar Drive, $176,500

Paul P. and Judith A. Chase to Daniel Nellis, 819 Nautilus Trail, $295,000

Dunker R & N trust to Evelyn M. Rice, 670 Bartlett Road, $260,000

Denise Agresta to Kristine A. Sandor, 627 Cherry Park Oval, $135,000

Michael L. and Barbara R. Cassidy to Christopher M. Peltier, 718 Circlewood Drive, $182,000

Nancy E. Sullivan to Shirley J. Tressler, 613-2 Fairington Oval, $186,150

Sell Eugene to Matthew Pozderac, 935 Orchard Ave., $65,100

David R. and Catherine A. Palmer to Mark and Phyllis Cain, 1079 Bartlett Road, $124,600

Prentiss and Niitika Brown to Colosetti Jean M. Trust, 195 Park Drive, N, $24,500

Sidney Rheuban, to Cecillia and Charles J. Coven, 188 Kensington Court, $189,750

Pozniak family trust to Kyle R. and Barbara A. Mitchell, 282 S. Chillicothe Road, $290,000

Pioneer Tavern Properties LLC to Timothy R. and Katherine E. Kobzowicz, 855 E. Homestead Drive, $127,000

Linda B. Shoemaker trust to Jerrold T. Vandyke, 770 Valley View Circle, $394,000