HUDSON -- According to district officials, there were no reported problems at Hudson High School Jan. 13.

Before winter break and again in the days leading up to Jan. 13 rumors were going around that some sort of school violence was supposed to take place, according to Superintendent Phil Herman. However, school officials investigated the rumors and determined they were unfounded.

But to help alleviate fears, Herman used the school district emergency call system Jan. 10 to alert parents there were no threats of school violence.

According to the call, Herman said the district investigated an October tip via a student report and the Safe School Helpline "about a verbal exchange between two high school students concerning a possible school shooting."

"This tip and the student account of the verbal exchange were taken very seriously," Herman told parents in the call. "A formal and thorough investigation was conducted by our staff and Hudson police, including parental involvement."

The district had Hudson police provide an extra police presence the rest of the week at the high school.

"Again, I want to encourage you and our students to contact us or report concerns that help us keep our children safe," Herman added in the call. "Please feel free to call the high school if you have any additional concerns. The safety of our students and staff is our most important priority."

To reach the school safety line call 1-800-418-6423, ext. 397 or text 66746, then type TIPS. The tip line can also be reached online by visiting The line is only available to Hudson City School students.


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