MACEDONIA -- The city planning commission unanimously approved the site plan for an 83-unit residential development on Faith Fellowship Church land Jan. 9.

"This means the can go ahead and start preparing their infrastructure plans," Building Commissioner Bob Rodic later told the News Leader. Once those plans are ready for approval, the developer would return with plans for the first phase of the development.

The planned unit development, which would be called The Reserve at North Woods, would be built in three phases on 41.5 acres of R-1 residential land owned by the church off Valley View Road. A sale of the property to Petros Development Corp. is pending the city's approval of development plans for the property.

Sam Petros, chairman of Petros Development Corp., previously said he expects to break ground on the project around March.

Developer Eric Kramer of D.G. Bohning & Associates said Jan. 9 some of the site modifications include moving lots 1-7 farther north to create more open space adjacent to Valley View Road and adding sidewalks on both sides of the street instead of one.

City Planner Brian Frantz said a walking trail planned for the development will not go on the church property. He said the planning commission wants "to create a purpose for the trail that will be more beneficial for the residents. There will be more area to walk."

Frantz added there will be a 25-foot front yard setback off Valley View Road, and homes will be built up to 7.5 feet from adjacent lots.

Petros said a tree will be put in the cul de sac area "so we can pile snow around it."

City Engineer Joe Gigliotti agreed with Petros, saying, "The traffic island feature is very nice."

Gigliotti previously questioned how the snow removal process would work. He said as one goes from sub lot 18 to sub lot 71 in the cul de sac, "that is a long way for a snowplow to go as it enters the subdivision with continuous blocks all the way and no place to go. As the snowplow driver enters the subdivision, he is pushing snow to the curb. He's making one long push."

Frantz previously said that since private snowplowers will handle the task instead of the city, the city will let them manage it. In his memorandum about the proposed development, Frantz said small blocks of open space would be used as areas to push snow.

Previously, the planning commission unanimously approved a conditional use certificate that is "subject to final development plan approval," according to Planning Commission Chairman Kevin Westbrooks.

That approval follows the recommendation of Frantz, who said each phase of the development will require site plan approval after the conditional use certificate is approved.

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