The Aurora One Fund reached its $66,000 goal for 2016-17 in the second week of January. According to officials, the response followed a second mailing, articles in the Advocate and the generosity of business contributors and citizens of Aurora.

The One Fund stands at 102.1 percent, with the business drive accounting for $24,745 and the residential drive bringing in $42,671 for a total of $67,416. To date, 351 pledge cards have been returned out of 12,575 mailed.

There were 101 contributors who donated last year who did not contribute this year. This happens every year with different contributors, according to officials.

The Aurora One Fund board of directors thanks all the contributors in Aurora who made this possible. Without the generosity of the people, the business community and organizations in Aurora, the One Fund could not exist. Thank you Aurora.

Any questions about the operation or policies of the One Fund can be directed to President Ann Morrison at 330- 562-5397 or Executive Director Joe Kotlin at 330-562-7233.