AURORA -- There will be "consequences involved" for students with roles in a Jan. 5 incident aboard the Aurora High swim team's bus, said Aurora High Principal Dr. Paul Milcetich.

"There was definitely an issue," he said. "There was a conflict between some students."

Milcetich said he can't share details about the incident, names or disciplinary actions taken because of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act regulations, which protect the privacy of minors.

"We know about it, and we thoroughly investigated it," he said. "There's consequences for the students involved, and we have to deal with it and move forward."

According to a swim team parent, the incident involved a student "snapping and going on an obscenity-laced tirade and spraying another student in the face with a paint can on the bus."

Athletic Director Paul Powers said in a Jan. 10 letter to swim team parents that "these kinds of incidents are taken seriously."

"As we move forward with the remainder of the season, coach [Amanda] Marlow will introduce and enforce new procedures with the team, regarding the boys' locker room and bus," the letter stated. "We feel these procedures will help ensure the safety of your son or daughter while at practice and while riding the bus."

The parent reported being concerned for the safety of other swim team members and wants to be sure they are protected for the remainder of the season. 


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