Mace­do­nia — The city plan­ning com­mis­sion unan­i­mously ap­proved the over­all de­vel­op­ment plan and the phase one of site plan for an 83-unit de­vel­op­ment on Faith Fel­low­ship Church land Jan. 9.
The planned unit de­vel­op­ment, which would be called The Re­serve at North Woods, would be built in three phases on 41.5 acres of R-1 res­i­den­tial land owned by the church off Val­ley View Road. A sale of the property to Petros Development Corp. is pending the city’s approval of development plans for the property.
Sam Pet­ros, chair­man of Pet­ros Devel­op­ment Corp., pre­vi­ously said he ex­pects to break ground on the project around March.
Devel­oper Eric Kramer of D.G. Bohn­ing & As­so­ci­ates said Jan. 9 some of the site mod­i­fi­ca­tions in­clude mov­ing lots 1-7 far­ther north to cre­ate more open space ad­ja­cent to Val­ley View Road and adding side­walks on both sides of the street in­stead of one.
City Plan­ner Brian Frantz said a walk­ing trail planned for the de­vel­op­ment will not go on the church prop­erty. He said the plan­ning com­mis­sion wants “to cre­ate a pur­pose for the trail that will be more ben­e­fi­cial for the res­i­dents. There will be more area to walk.”
Frantz added there will be a 25-foot front yard set­back off Val­ley View Road, and homes will be built up to 7.5 feet from ad­ja­cent lots.
Pet­ros said a tree will be put in the cul de sac area “so we can pile snow around it.”
City Engi­neer Joe Gigliotti agreed with Pet­ros, say­ing, “The traf­fic is­land fea­ture is very nice.”
Gigliotti pre­vi­ously ques­tioned how the snow re­moval process would work. He said as one goes from sub lot 18 to sub lot 71 in the cul de sac, “that is a long way for a snow­plow to go as it en­ters the sub­di­vi­sion with con­tin­u­ous blocks all the way and no place to go. As the snow­plow driver en­ters the sub­di­vi­sion, he is push­ing snow to the curb. He's mak­ing one long push.”
Frantz pre­vi­ously said that since pri­vate snow­plow­ers will han­dle the task in­stead of the city, the city will let them man­age it. In his mem­o­ran­dum about the pro­posed de­vel­op­ment, Frantz said small blocks of open space would be used as ar­eas to push snow.
Pre­vi­ously, the plan­ning com­mis­sion unan­i­mously ap­proved a con­di­tional use cer­tifi­cate that is “sub­ject to fi­nal de­vel­op­ment plan ap­proval,” ac­cord­ing to Plan­ning Com­mis­sion Chair­man Kevin West­brooks.
That ap­proval fol­lows the rec­om­men­da­tion of Frantz, who said each phase of the de­vel­op­ment will re­quire site plan ap­proval af­ter the con­di­tional use cer­tifi­cate is ap­proved.
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