Hudson -- If you find a painted rock and wonder what is happening, enjoy the random act of kindness meant to put a smile on your face.

Nancy Powell of Alliance began hiding painted rocks more than four months ago and has 26,000 followers on her Facebook group at Northeast Ohio Rocks!

"We paint rocks and hide rocks as a random act of kindness to brighten someone's day," Powell said. "It is fun! It is like a year round Easter Egg Hunt. Who doesn't love an Easter Egg Hunt?"

Recently Powell hid rocks in Hudson at Case-Barlow Farm and rocks have been hid on the Hudson downtown squares and Twinsburg square, she said.

"My husband and I have painted and hid, as of Saturday, 870 rocks," Nancy said. "My husband and I would spend hours on Saturday getting rocks in different locations."

Nancy said she hid about 20 decorated rocks at Case-Barlow Farm Dec. 10 and a few people have posted finds.

"When we visited Santa at the Barn [Dec. 10], I didn't say I was there," Nancy said. "It adds to the surprise of finding it."

The rocks have labels that direct the finders to join the Facebook group Northeast Ohio Rocks!, post a picture and re-hide the rock.

"When you paint a rock, you post a picture," Powell said. "When your finder finds your rock, your finder posts a picture. When the rock is re-hid, you have another finder who is directed by the label on the rock. The rock keeps moving and making people smile. It is tracked by the photos posted on our group wall. And, hopefully our finders become painters and hiders too."

Powell said her daughter-in-law, Mallory Powell, who is from Ravenna, gave her the idea of painting rocks and spreading the cheer.

Powell's son, Eric, is in the U.S. Navy and stationed in Oak Harbor, Washington, where Whidbey Island Rocks Facebook group is located.

"Mallory told me about it and wanted me to start one in Northeast Ohio," Nancy said. "I'm in Stark County and her family is in Portage County and my husband works in Twinsburg and drives through Hudson and Twinsburg every day," she said. "We decided to make it Northeast Ohio because people work, play and live in different areas."

Northeast Ohio has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and "we rock," Nancy added.

Each group inspires other groups, and Northeast Ohio Rocks! has inspired five more groups, she said.

"There's about 300 groups in the United States," Nancy added.


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