Mensa, the national high IQ society, awarded more than $87,000 in scholarships in 2016.

Application for the 2016-17 scholarship program is now under way. Mensa has established this program to encourage high school students to attend college in 2017 and to benefit students who are enrolled in a college program. Anyone can apply.

High school seniors and college students may either contact their guidance counselors or go online to the website of East Central Ohio Mensa. Look under the Gifted/Talented area, and select scholarships, or go to the national Mensa website at

The program began Sept. 15 and ends Jan. 14, 2017. Applications must be emailed by Jan. 14. One candidate from the area will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship. Other candidates are eligible for scholarships from the region and national selection process.

Contact William Maki at 330-928-2735.