The UPS Store, which has been in Stow for over 27 years,recently relocated just a stone's throw from its former location. Its newly updated facility is at 3732 Fishcreek Road, behind Acme.

"When we took over ownership in 2014, we knew early on that we needed to change our layout and that meant relocating our store," said co-owner Matt Aloisi. "It was important for us to stay in Stow and to use an existing building. We know that Stow has some older buildings which are not being utilized like they once were. Yet many of these buildings are in a great location and are still capable of strong commercial growth. That's why we chose to be part of the Acme building."

Some new features include automatic sliding doors, dedicated parking/loading area for The UPS Store patrons, a larger lobby, and larger packing facility.

"We were able to redesign our store around the needs of our customers, and we definitely felt the need for automatic doors, "said co-owner Amy Aloisi. "That one feature alone seems to have really delighted folks."

The UPS Store provides packing service, and ships via UPS, Postal, DHL, and freight. Mailboxes, printing, faxing and notary service are also available. It is open Monday-Thursday 8:30-7, Friday 8:30-6:30 and Saturday 9 to 3.

"The support we have received from Albrecht Inc., Mayor Sara Kline and the Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce has been tremendous," Matt said. "We feel that we have been able to grow our business and remain competitive in our market in part because of the support that these entities have given to us."