Sixth-grade science students in Stow-Munroe Falls' Lakeview Intermediate School recently created a series of online books about matter.

Using Chromebooks and the online tool StoryJumper, students created fiction and non-fiction stories by integrating information they learned in classes, such as solids, liquids and gases. With StoryJumper, they were able to add graphics as well.

As part of the project, students took their Chromebooks to Highland Elementary School and shared their books with the third-grade students, who are just beginning their unit on matter.

"As we got back to Lakeview, everyone was talking about how cool and awesome it was to share our books that we created," said sixth-grade student Maria Nelson. "Sharing our books with the third graders was an experience that I will never forget."

"It was great for our students to take what they are learning in class and integrate that into a story book," said Debbie Baughman, a sixth-grade teacher. "It was also a great experience for our students to share their creations with Highland students as a way to frontload what the third graders are about to learn."