Fourth-grade students at Echo Hills Elementary School were visited by Meteorologist Greg Dee from WKYC Channel 3 News on Nov. 3. The visit was organized by fourth-grade teacher Kathleen Campopiano.

"I'm so glad my students got to have this experience," Campopiano said. "The presentation fit perfectly with our science curriculum, and I think all the fourth-graders enjoyed it. Thank you to Greg Dee for visiting us."

Fourth-grade classes at Echo Hills are researching fast and slow changes that occur on the Earth's surface. Campopiano organized Dee's visit as her students have been particularly interested in fast changes such as weather patterns like tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Dee's presentation was a description of some of the fast changes and weather patterns. He explained the causes of these changes and some of their effects on the Earth's surface, helping students understand that processes occur constantly that change the Earth's surface.

"I enjoy when the kids ask me questions," Dee said. "I've done so many of these visits, yet each time there are questions I've never heard before. The kids are always so curious and I hope I am able to teach them something new and share my excitement for the weather with them." This is the first time a meteorologist visited the Echo Hills fourth-graders. However, last year, while teaching second grade at Indian Trail, Campopiano organized a weather presentation from WKYC for her second-grade classes.

After his presentation, Dee took a short video of the students.

"It is wonderful that our teachers go above and beyond to help their students understand the curriculum," said Echo Hills Principal David Ulbricht. "Hands-on activities help students truly retain what they are taught, and I hope all the fourth-graders learned something from the presentation."