The seventh- and eighth-grade students of Stow-Munroe Falls' Kimpton Middle School's STEM Club program recently created holograms and uploaded them to the school's Microsoft HoloLens.

Microsoft HoloLens are virtual reality goggles that give students the opportunity to interact with their creations in 3D design, game design, and collaborate and connect with other developers.

"The holograms are the first step in students creating content to be used in lessons," said David Ternent, Kimpton Middle School's seventh-grade STEM teacher. "Our goal is to have students teach a virtual lesson with virtual reality or augmented reality. Students would have the ability to create virtual experiences and teach other students about any topic of their choice, including layers of the Earth, what it's like on Mount Everest, investigating the surface of Mars and more."

To create the holograms, the students had to learn how to use Unity, a game engine that creates environments and games. After that, they had to determine how to upload the hologram to the HoloLens. Elijah Fawett, eighth-grade student, ultimately solved how to upload the hologram.

"Creating the holograms took a lot of trial and error, and the students gained valuable lessons on problem solving," said Ternent. "Watching the excitement of the students completing a task we have never done before was worth the price of the HoloLens."

The students are currently working to make other animations that will be transferred to the HoloLens.

Last year, Ternent applied for and received the Microsoft HoloLens Developer edition to use in Kimpton's STEM program.