On Oct. 17, the third-grade classes at Highland Elementary School took a historical walking tour through downtown Stow, organized by third-grade teachers. This is the third year for the tour.

"This field trip is always fun and and is a great learning experience for the kids," said Jennifer McGovern, third-grade teacher at Highland Elementary. "We are not only opening their eyes to the various parts of the city of Stow, but also giving them solid connections to the learning that is happening in the classroom."

The tour started with a visit to the Stow City Center, where students met Mayor Sara Kline.

The students then went to the Stow Munroe Falls Public Library for lunch and to learn about Stow's history.

The tour continued at Stow Cemetery and Wetmore Park and concluded with a tour of the Stow Safety Building.

The tour group consisted of McGovern, Brandi Timberlake and Rebecca Varga's third-grade classes.

The tour was intended to give students a more real connection to local history. By showing younger students places in their hometown that connect to local history, the class becomes interactive and more impactful.

"We take every opportunity that we can to do activities like this with our students," said Highland Principal Meghan Graziano. "It is important to show them that their classes are connected to real life and are useful for understanding local history. I thank the mayor, the library staff, the police and fire fighters for their support of this activity. It would not be possible without such wonderful community members."