Macedonia -- Though a couple of inquiries about the availability of property in the city for greenhouses did not specifically mention medical marijuana, City Council is preparing to examine how the state's legalization of the therapeutic drug would impact the city.

While the production and sale of medical marijuana was authorized by the Ohio Legislature last June, state rules regarding the cultivation and sale of the drug remain pending.

City Council on Oct. 13 gave first reading to an ordinance that would enact a six-month moratorium on the issuance of permits regarding the sale and production of medical marijuana.

Mayor Joe Migliorini told Council he had recently received phone calls regarding the availability of land in the city for greenhouses. The callers -- one from the county department of development and the other from a Realtor -- did not specifically state they were interested in growing marijuana, but Migliorini said it was clear to him that was the business they are interested in.

"I've gotten two calls so far ... If they find locations within the city to do that, we need to narrow it down to where it doesn't impinge upon people -- and we've got to think about the security of it," he said.

He said security would be a major concern, as he anticipates such facilities would be vulnerable to break-ins.

Under the ordinance, for 180 days the city would not accept any applications for nor would grant any permits for any buildings that would used in the cultivation, processing, distribution or sale of medical marijuana in the city.

Migliorini said he does not object to eventually allowing cultivation in the city, but added there may not be the 20 to 30 acres the parties were looking for available in appropriate zoning districts.

The ordinance states it is meant to give the city time to review its planning, zoning and business regulations in light of the new state law.

The measure will be up for second reading at Council's Oct. 27 meeting.

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