Students at two elementary schools recently got to spend some special time with their grandparents and other family members.

On Sept. 23, students at Echo Hills Elementary School enjoyed quality time with their grandparents at Goodies with Grands. The event, organized by the Echo Hills Parent Teacher Association (PTA), was hosted in the gym and lasted from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

"We wanted our students to have the opportunity to show their grandparents or parents their school," said Lauren Baker, PTA president. "The students feel special and have a fun morning showing their grandparents their classroom, introducing them to their teacher and having some special time."

This is the third year that Goodies with Grands has taken place at Echo Hills. Grandparents enjoyed breakfast treats with their grandchild, then walked them to their classrooms and around the building.

If a grandparent could not attend, parents were welcome to join their child for breakfast. Almost 300 people attended. Breakfast pastries, coffee and juice were provided by Western Reserve Hospital.

"Many grandparents volunteer and help to support our schools. This event is a great way to give them the opportunity to visit the school and learn more about the educational experiences offered to their grandchild," said Superintendent Tom Bratten. "I would like to thank the Echo Hills PTA and the Western Reserve Hospital for their support of this event. It is always a special day for our students. I would also like to thank the Stow Alliance Fellowship Church for allowing us to use their parking lot for large events like this."

On Oct. 7, students at Woodland Elementary School had their turn with some quality time with their grandparents at Goodies with GRANDS (Grandparents, Relatives, Aunts/Uncles, Neighbors, Devoted Caregivers). The event, organized by the Woodland Parent Teacher Association (PTA), was hosted in the auditorium and lasted from 1 to 3 p.m.

"During Goodies with GRANDS, students are able to show their school to these important adults, shop for books and participate in some fun activities," said Principal Mary Lou Muckleroy. "It's a great way for them to spend time together and helps to encourage picking out books and reading together."

This is the second year that Goodies with GRANDS has taken place at Woodland. Relatives were able to join their grandchildren, children, nieces and nephews for an afternoon snack, a visit to the Scholastic Book Fair and make bookmarks at a craft station.

"Many of our community members are involved with the schools because they are related in some way to out students. It's good for the student to see that adult at school and enjoy some bonding time," said Bratten. "I would like to thank the Woodland PTA and book fair volunteers for their support during this event."