Cuyahoga Falls High School choir

students offer leaf raking services

It's time for the annual Rake and Run.

Choir students from Cuyahoga Falls High School will rake residents' leaves in time for their curbside pick up in exchange for a donation to the Choral Music Association (CMA).

The contact is Royal Aidala and the phone number is 330-391-2466. Residents can call or text. If there is no answer, leave a message and someone will return the call.


presents 'High School for

Dummies' Oct. 16

Woodridge High School's Theater Program, Bulldog Dramatics, is proud to announce the 2016-2017 Season.

This year's fall play is, "High School for Dummies," by Bradley Hayward. This ensemble play engages actors and actresses in a unique experience to remain on stage the entire show while portraying a multitude of characters. It is a fun, quirky, and "it could happen to you" show set at the high school. This show will leave you laughing and reminiscing about your high school experiences.

What would happen if there were an instruction manual for freshmen? Things would certainly be a lot different come graduation, that's for sure. If a bully jams you in a locker, turn to Chapter 3. If you forget your homework, there's an excuse on Page 46. If the cafeteria serves mush, check the footnotes for some recipes. With the influx of how-to books for dummies, dealing with everything from piano to poker, a group of graduating seniors take it upon themselves to write the most important one of them all: "High School for Dummies."

"High School For Dummies" will be presented on Oct. 16 at 2:30 p.m. at Woodridge High School, 4440 Quick Road.

The spring musical will be the 2012 revised version of "Godspell." "High School for Dummies" is presented by special arrangement with Samuel Frinch Inc. "Godspell - 2012 Revised Version" is presented through special arrangement with Musical Theater International.