Man who had

judge taken off case heading to prison

Akron -- An Ohio man who has a federal judge removed from his counterfeiting case after saying he used heroin with members of the judge's family is heading to prison.

Eric Ramey, 31, was sentenced Oct. 11 to more than three years in federal prison. The Orrville man was indicted last year on charges he used counterfeit money in 2013. He pleaded guilty in May.

John Adams, a federal judge in Akron, was forced to step aside from the case after Ramey wrote in a petition to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that he used heroin and opiates with the judge's brother and nephew every day for 14 months.

Adams refused to recuse himself, but the appeals court intervened and forced the judge off the case.

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Fall colors will near peak this weekend

Columbus -- Ohio's fall colors are starting to come out.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources' fall color expert says honeylocust, black walnut and some maple trees are starting to show off their colors

The agency says the time for peak fall colors will be getting near in northern Ohio this weekend.

State officials say that changing conditions will be out around the central part of Ohio in the coming week.

Those interested in checking the fall colors can go to .

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Cleveland area had 52 opioid OD deaths in September

Cleveland -- The county medical examiner in Cleveland says the number of deadly overdoses from opioids in September matched the record amount set a month earlier.

As in August, 52 people fatally overdosed from heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil or a combination of the drugs in Cuyahoga County.

The medical examiner says that brings the total so far this year to 385 people.

It's possible the number of deaths in September could increase pending ongoing tests.

The medical examiner's office says 23 of the fatal overdoses last month involved Cleveland residents, while 29 were from its suburban areas.

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Analysis shows link between poverty level, test results

Columbus -- Despite various changes to state testing and district report cards, an analysis suggests there remains a strong correlation between the results and poverty levels in Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Howard Fleeter, an analyst for the Ohio Education Policy Institute, examined report card numbers for the past four years and found little change in the results.

Fleeter says Ohio's school districts face a greater challenge when a majority of its students are economically disadvantaged.

Districts that scored 70 or less on the performance index measure -- which accounts for student performance at different levels -- had an average of 82 percent of students living in poverty.

The figures show that as scores rise, poverty drops. Districts that scored above 100 on the index had 9.5 percent average poverty.

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Stink bugs look

for a way inside

before winter hits

Bucyrus -- Ohio homeowners could be out of luck if stink bugs make their way inside before the cold weather hits, according to experts.

People generally don't see too many of the brownish-gray bugs until late autumn, and there won't be many outside by the time the first freeze of the year hits, the Mansfield News Journal reports.

Homeowners will have a tough time getting rid of the bugs if they make their way indoors, pest control experts say.

One good defense against the bugs is to keep them from entering the home in the first place. Homeowners should make sure all doors, windows and roof lines are sealed tightly, said Tammi Rogers, the agriculture and natural resources program assistant with the Ohio State University Extension Office in Coshocton County.

A new version of the bug was accidentally introduced from Asia in the 1990s and reached Ohio in the early 2000s.

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