Full name: Madison Alean Burick.

Parents names: Dave and Melinie Burick.

School and grade: In seventh grade at Harmon School.

Jobs or chores you do: Clean my room and do the dishes.

Activities and hobbies: I play socer and basketball.

Career aspirations: Developing medicine to help fight cancer.

Favorite food: Pasta.

Favorite singers or groups: Cole Swindell.

Favorite television show: "One Tree Hill."

Good movie you've seen or your all-time favorites: "Elf."

What's your all-time favorite book or story? "Chains" by Laurie Halse Anderson.

What are your favorite things about your school? I love all the teachers.

What improvements would you like to see at school? None I can think of.

Who, other than your parents, do you look up to most? My sister Taylor, because she is very brave and has taught me to never give up.

What would you change about yourself and why? I would not change anything.

Do you collect anything? I do not.

Do you have any pets? A dog named Buddy.

What was your best vacation? When we go to the Outer Banks for two weeks every summer.

If you become a parent, what advice will you give your children? Always be themselves and stand up for what they believe is right.

What famous person would you like to meet most? Kevin Hart, because he is one of my favorite actors.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Italy, because I am part Italian and would love to see all the amazing buildings and structures there.