Eight students from the Stow-Munroe Falls City School District were honored at the Courageous Kids Day Lunch on Sept. 22. Superintendent Tom Bratten took the students to lunch at Panini's in Stow to recognize them for continuing to attend and do well in school, despite the challenges that they have faced during the school year.

"These exceptional students have continued to thrive, excel and be an example for all -- not only other students, but also for the adults they are surrounded by while facing challenges in their lives that would greatly diminish the drive and spirit of the average person in many cases," Bratten said. "We wanted to recognize all their hard work and make sure they know that the school is part of their support system."

This is the second year for the Courageous Kids Day Lunch.

Students who attended the lunch were fourth-grader Janetta Dotson-Lynch and third-grader Joseph Stetka from Echo Hills Elementary; third-grader Logan Naylor from Indian Trail Elementary; third-grader Ava Turner from Riverview Elementary; eighth-graders Emily Keyser and Muriel Shaw from Kimpton Middle School; and ninth- grader Ian Clayton and senior Amber Princzes from Stow-Munroe Falls High School.

"I hope that these students know how much we admire their dedication to school and excellence," said Bratten. "They are strong, resilient children and it is important that they know their school district is here for them, supports them and that we are proud of them on so many fronts."