As a retired machinist, local senior Don Cargould isn't able to sit still for very long. A few years ago he saw that his veterans organization had a need to move a lot of chairs for different events so he designed and created a wheeled dolly to lift and transport 10 chairs at the same time. After that organization no longer needed it, the dolly sat idle in his garage for a few years.

"I put a lot of time and work into making that thing so I didn't want to just throw it away," he said.

He attends a few events a month at Stow-Glen Retirement Village and, "I noticed the rooms are always set up in a different pattern so I got to thinking -- I'll be they could use some help moving all those chairs."

So he contacted Stow-Glen to see if they could use the tool. Stow-Glen CEO Tammy Denton said "Don's donation has really made it easier for us to serve the seniors of Stow and Stow-Glen. Sometimes we re-set the community room 3-4 times in one day."