Twinsburg -- PAWSibilities, Humane Society of Greater Akron, is changing its name to the Humane Society of Summit County.

Diane Johnson, president/CEO said she felt re-branding was necessary to clear up confusion about what PHSGA does.

"We love the message 'PAWSibilities' conveys, and we do believe that the possibilities are endless with our rescued animals. However, we felt that we were being seen as just another animal adoption agency, and our critical roles of protecting animals from neglect and abuse and fighting for animal rights were being overshadowed," Johnson said. "People thought PAWSibilities and the humane society were two different organizations."

She added that the "Greater Akron" part of the name sent the message to people that the agency only responds to Akron when actually the Humane Society responds to all areas of Summit County.

The misconceptions stemming from the name were presented to WhiteSpace Creative, a marketing company based in Akron, and PHSGA was selected to be one of six non-profit agencies chosen for a pro-bono re-branding during a 24-hour "Creative Marathon" in January. The new logo and name were developed as a result.

Pawsibilities, which has been in the name of the organization for more than 10 years, will not be left out all together, as it remains in the new logo for the Humane Society of Summit County -- "Support the Pawsibilities" -- and will remain the name of the rescue's largest fundraiser, the annual fall gala known to supporters as The Pawsibility Ball.

The Humane Society is the only animal rescue and adoption agency with the legal authority in Summit County to enforce animal cruelty laws, per the Ohio Revised Code.

Johnson said while the name and logo may be changing, the mission remains the same, "to be the trusted caretaker and advocate for the abused, neglected, and abandoned animals of Summit County."

A common misconception with the Humane Society is that it is tied to The Humane Society of the United States, which it is not. The local shelter relies solely on donations and receives no government funding. It cost nearly $2 million annually to operate the Darrow Road facility, which is currently housing more than 550 animals.

For more information about the Humane Society, including how to donate, volunteer opportunities, adoptable animals and more please visit

Briana Barker: 330-541-9432