On Oct. 11, Stow°Munroe Falls City School District will be hosting a series of assemblies by the NOPE (Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education) Task Force at secondary schools. These presentations are supported by Western Reserve Hospital.

NOPE's mission is to diminish the frequency and impact of overdose death through community education, family support and purposeful advocacy.

Formed in 2004, the NOPE Task Force has been increasing awareness through multimedia and multimodal presentations.

The cornerstone of NOPE's mission is the personal, high impact presentation delivered to middle and high school students that leverage bystanders to call for help to save the lives of their peers.

This message is delivered in an emotionally impactful manner from several perspectives. First, from a professional who describes the interaction of drugs on the developing brain, then from a law enforcement official who has the grim task of making death notifications to distraught families and finally, from two family members who have suffered the loss of a loved one to a drug overdose.

Throughout the presentation, real stories of students who have lost their lives to drugs and alcohol are shared to illustrate the education points and show the reality of the consequences that drug and alcohol abuse can cause. Following virtually every presentation, a number of students seek help either for themselves, or someone they know.

There will be a parent forum on Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. in the Stow°Munroe Falls High School Auditorium, located at 3227 Graham Road in Stow, to discuss the NOPE Task Force program.

Parents who do not wish for their student to witness the NOPE Task Force presentation are asked to contact their student's grade° level principal.