Northfield Center — The Olde Eight Road paving project that has been ongoing since late August should be completed by the end of next week, according to the Summit County Engineer’s Office.
Engineer’s spokesperson Heidi Swindell told the News Leader Oct. 5 that contractors are wrapping up a project that was only expected to last two weeks, but that was extended to seven weeks due to unforeseen work.
She said plans are to shift traffic one more time over the weekend, and — weather permitting — perform final pavement repairs and preparation for paving through Wednesday next week. She said final paving is scheduled for Thursday and road striping on Friday.
Initially planned as a mill-and-pave resurfacing of the road, where the road’s top layer of asphalt is ground off and replaced with fresh material, the work had been expected to be completed by Sept. 10, Swindell said.
However, workers found that a 4-foot trench containing a water line that had been installed about 15 years ago by the Cleveland Water Department had been filled with a concrete material that began cracking and failing after the top layer of asphalt was removed.
Sam Ross, construction engineer with the county, said the road base where the water line had been installed had to be rebuilt along the entire length of the road from Route 82 to Route 8 — causing a significant delay.
Ross said workers also have been having a hard time replacing special features in the road, including surveyor’s monument boxes and catch basins, because the base of the remaining roadbed is brick, which he said is much more difficult to work around than engineers had anticipated.
Swindell said weather could cause a delay. Also, crews will spend a minimal amount of time installing traffic signal controllers at intersections.
For more on this story, see the Oct. 12 edition.