Sagamore Hills -- Seniors in the township can ask police to check on their welfare on request, under a program the police department initiated in August.

Police administrative assistant Janelle Mucha said there are a number of senior residents in the area who don't have relatives close by, so Police Chief David Hayes instituted this program to help ensure their safety.

"I came up with it from networking with a police chief in Trumbull County," Hayes said. "He gave me some information on what they do and I gave it to Janelle (Mucha) and she did the rest. She researched other programs and tweaked it for our community; I take no credit."

Hayes said he saw the need for a senior safety program due to the growing senior population in the community and while some seniors may need help that isn't necessarily a police matter, having officers help them is all a part of community policing.

He said the program is not designed to take the place of any medical alert service.

Seniors who sign up for the program will receive a call each week from the police department on Tuesday or Thursday. Calls will be made between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If no contact is made, an officer will be sent to the home to check on the resident.

Mucha said she only has a couple participants so far, but officers carry the applications with them and residents who are interested in joining the program can also print the application from the website under "services."

She said the program is for seniors age 65 and over, as well as residents who may be handicapped and live alone.

"If I notice something isn't right with them, I can call a family member and let them know they need to check on them," Mucha said.

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