The scam calls keep on coming, but residents are challenging the scammers.

A local couple called the Record-Courier on Sept. 30 to warn others "not to be taken in" by fake IRS calls. The scammers demand payment on "owed taxes and penalties" and threaten to send the police if payment is not made.

The couple did not want their names used, but wanted others to know not to get sucked in.

The husband and wife said they usually don't answer the phone if they don't recognize the number. But she picked up a call and it was a man saying he was from the IRS and demanding payment for unpaid taxes.

"I told them we pay our taxes and I'm not afraid of them," she said. "He got mad at me and said he was going to send the police. 'Go ahead and send the police,' I said."

The husband said two recent scam messages left return phone numbers on their answering machine. The husband said people should watch out for the numbers: 802-777-8910 and 575-686-8012.

The IRS has said repeatedly that it does not contact taxpayers by telephone to demand payment. The IRS typically sends a letter to inform taxpayers of any issues with their taxes.

Other scam calls reported recently involve people saying they are calling because someone submitted an inquiry about health insurance or car insurance.

Residents should not give out personal information such as Social Security numbers, or banking information such as account numbers, unless they know who they are talking to or they initiated the phone call.


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