Hudson -- Thanks to help from local organizations, four sisters spent a week learning about citizenship and state politics through Buckeye Girls State.

Lee-Bishop Unit #464, American Legion Auxiliary based in Hudson, with the assistance of the Hudson FOP Northwest Lodge #123 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 803, Aurora, sponsored quadruplets Katheryn, Katlyn, Kassandra and Kristine Fager, 17, of Canal Fulton, to attend Buckeye Girls State at Mount Union College in Alliance from June 12-18.

The four sisters represent Hudson Unit #464 as junior members where their mother, Sandra, is a senior member.

Buckeye Girls State teaches young women, between their junior and senior year of high school, how the local, state and federal government operates, said Renee Kohl, co-chairman of Unit #464 Buckeye Girls State program.

The 800 girls who attended were divided between the Federalist Party and the Nationalist Party and were assigned to fictional cities and counties. The girls had the opportunity to run for any government office and learned to campaign, the role of an elected official and how the government process works, Kohl said.

In their government role, they learn to make laws for the city, become prosecutors, judges, or they can become members of the Ohio State Patrol, dog wardens, city managers, state representative, and one person is elected state governor.

Three of the sisters belonged to the Federalist Party with Katlyn a member of the Nationalist Party.

Katlyn was elected to the office of Dog Warden in Stoy City and as a member of the Board of Elections.

For each city there were two advisers, Katlyn said.

"My two advisors, Amanda and Molly, were really nice and so were the other 40 people in my city," she said.

Stoy City was the first city to win the Mayor City Award, she said.

"The thing that happened that I will never forget will be the friends that I made," Katlyn said.

Katheryn was elected fire chief for Vivo City in Masten County.

"During the week we had different workshops to attend," Katheryn said. "I enjoyed the campaigning workshop. It taught me how to communicate with others."

Candidates participated in caucuses and made speeches before voting. Special speakers talked on different topics.

"My favorite one was when the Lt. Governor Mary Taylor came to speak to us 800 delegates," Katheryn said. "I loved her speech."

Kassandra passed the "bar exam" and was elected to the Jones City School Board in Junge County. She said 30 people were in her city and they bonded by playing games and spending time together.

"In our city meetings we did mock trials, sang old Disney songs, laughed and even told stories of arrests and warrants given out by the state patrol troopers," Kassandra said.

At the end of the week Kassandra and three other girls from Jones City went to the county judge and created a fake criminal situation.

"We ended up suing our own county judge who was from our city," Kassandra said. "We could barely run the trial, we were laughing so much."

Kristine was elected as a member of the School Board for Junge City, Junge County.

"It was pretty fun going through the budgets and realizing how much money it costs to run a school," Kristine said. "My group kept making fun of how poor we were and were planning everything out, like how many teachers we were going to have and how much money each sport would get."

Besides Kohl, Sandra Borovicka, president of Unit #464 and Lori Shields, 14th District president of the American Legion Auxiliary and member of Unit #464, assisted with the operation of the Buckeye Girl State program.

The Fager family will attend the next Auxiliary meeting Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. at the Western Reserve Christian Church, 516 W. Streetsboro St. in Hudson to share their experiences.


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