Susan Covey of Stow chose Peninsula Art Academy to area launch her "Thinking with a pencil" class on Oct. 15 from 1 to 3 p.m. as a kind of homecoming.

It will take place at the Peninsula Art Academy located at 1600 Mill St. W, Peninsula.

Covey was raised on the story of the mythic python that lurked in the streams of Peninsula and was very surprised to see it was "true" on her first visit to Peninsula Art Academy. As a farm kid growing up in Tuscarawas County, she watched her mother made extra money drawing signs. Her mother had worked at NASA-Lewis as a draftsman during the war and found work at a settlement house near Brecksville after the war. While she worked doing layouts on the kitchen table, she told stories of pottery classes, collecting clay from a stream and being warned about a python. Covey had put this story in the same place as the ones of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.

While in central Ohio, Covey created larger than life art spaces like an 85-foot walking labyrinth for the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival with squares of color carried in by attendees and rearranged throughout the day. The project included volunteer work in a middle school classroom using the Fibonacci spirals to help students "think about math, when you just can't think."

Upon her return to Northeast Ohio, Covey was one of three artists completing one of the Downtown Akron Street Pianos that was enjoyed throughout the summer.

"Thinking with a Pencil Class" starts with a fun exercise on paper to create a set point for the rest of the class. This class helps get at the root cause and creates viable communication techniques. From organizing "to do" lists to overcoming writers blocks, from rearranging furniture or gardens to "why doesn't everything fit"; these thinking techniques will make it all easier.

By the end of the two-hour class, everyone will have had the opportunity to learn how to create floor plans, scale drawings, 3-D drawings and more. All materials are furnished including the new "All ways Journal" created from Covey's own experiences as an artist, writer and musician.

Class is limited to 12 participants and the cost of session is $45.

To register for the class, contact Peninsula Art Academy by phone 330-657-2248 or email