Hudson Schools will be joining schools from around the world to celebrate International Bike/Walk to School Day on Oct. 5. This is the sixth year Hudson is participating in this fall event.

Students from Evamere, East Woods, McDowell, Ellsworth Hills and Hudson Middle School will be walking and bicycling to school along with parents, teachers and community leaders. Motorists are urged to pay special attention that morning for students, many of whom may be unfamiliar with traffic safety.

Visibility is key part of traffic safety, especially with the dark mornings this fall. Safe Routes Hudson will be handing out LED strobe safety flashing clip on lights for use on bikes, backpacks and coats. Walkers and bicyclists will receive reflective stickers. Both items promise to make students more visible while walking or riding to school this season.

Over 200 Hudson students participated in last spring's fun and successful Bike/Walk to School Day. Bike/Walk to School events work to create safer routes for walking and bicycling and emphasize the importance of issues such as increasing physical activity, promoting independence among children, pedestrian and bicycle safety, traffic congestion, concern for the environment and building connections between families, schools and the broader community.

International Bike/Walk to School Day is expected to include 5,000 U.S. schools from all 50 states along with walkers and bicyclists in 40 countries around the world.

The event is being organized by Safe Routes Hudson, a community initiated effort to improve the walking and bicycling conditions in Hudson. Special emphasis is being placed on a combination of activities that make it safer for our children to walk and bicycle to school. More information is at