Cuyahoga Falls -- City Council on Sept. 26 unanimously approved a project to improve the Broad Boulevard exit ramp storm sewer outfall.

City Engineer Tony Demasi explained on Sept. 19 repairs are needed on the discharge point of a storm sewer line that drains into the Cuyahoga River. The outfall is located under the Broad Boulevard southbound exit ramp, Demasi said, adding it's across the river from Burntwood Tavern.

"Over time runoff from the outfall has eroded the river bank and sections of the concrete retaining wall have collapsed," Demasi said." The project involves replacing the old pipe with a new one and installing stacked, out-cropping stones to allow the water to cascade down into the river.

"It's really going to be a nice view from the restaurant," Demasi said.

Construction will take three to four months, he said, adding he doesn't expect the ramp will be closed while crews are working. Demasi was not sure when the project would start.

The total estimated cost of the project is $230,000, according to the Finance Department's budget information sheet. The the project was awarded on Sept. 20 to the lowest bidder, Lockhart Concrete, whose bid price was $95,150, Demasi told the Cuyahoga Falls News-Press on Sept. 29.


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