Hudson -- While the city is experiencing slightly more burglaries than it did last year, Police Chief Dave Robbins said he would not call it a rash of burglaries.

"But it's an uptick, nonetheless," he said.

"For us, burglaries tend to be cyclical, though it is unclear what creates that cycle," he said.

The city has recorded 23 burglaries throughout the city already in 2016 as of Sept. 22. Last year, there were 17 burglaries. In 2014, there were 19 burglaries.

Robbins said burglars typically try to nab jewelry along with purses or wallets so they can grab cash or credit cards. Burglars also try to break into safes, he said, and two have been broken into this year.

"They look for coin collections and wrist watches," he said. "They're opportunists, so if they see a piggy bank, they'll grab it."

Robbins said burglars enter homes mostly through doors although it can be anything from a front or side door to a rear patio door or rear kitchen door.

Determining the time a burglary occurred can be more difficult.

"We've had some instances where we can narrow down the time frame," he said. "We definitely have daytime burglaries. In other cases, we may have a seven-day window, for example, so we have no idea whether it was day or night."

What to do

Robbins said he advises residents to make their homes look lived in.

"Get an alarm system. Get electrical timers," he said. "Don't make it easy for them.

"We always tell them to have someone check on their house," he said. "Develop a level of trust with your neighbors. Trim the shrubs around your front door so your neighbors can see them."

Robbins advised that if residents are traveling away from home for a while, they should put items like jewelry in a safe deposit box or in a room that isn't a bedroom.

"For example, put them in with the Christmas decorations in the basement," he said. "Burglars want to get in and out quickly."

Robbins urged residents to call the police immediately if they see something suspicious.

"We would rather answer 100 nonsense calls than investigate one burglary," he said.

Hudson police can be reached at 330-342-1800.


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