Over the summer, Kimpton Middle School teachers, Jack Reyes and Melinda Bednarik, transformed the middle school's sensory room.

The sensory room offers a stimulating environment to students that provides security, improves creativity, aids in the development of language, heightens a student's awareness and improves alertness.

Additionally, the stimulating environment helps students with anxiety calm down and center themselves to achieve greater success throughout the day.

"The sensory room will benefit our students tremendously," said Marty Saternow, Stow-Munroe Falls City School District's director of special services. "Jack and Melinda plan to continue enhancing the room to meet the students' sensory needs. Our students benefit greatly°from the support of Jack and Melinda who are committed to their success." °

Throughout the summer, Reyes and Bednarik wiped down, primed and painted the room's walls to add calming colors.°They also created multiple objects to stimulate individual sensory needs.°For example, to stimulate sight, a multi-colored disco ball was hung, along with homemade sensory bottles with a plethora of different shapes and colors, and a hanging colorful lighted ball.

Reyes and Bednarik also created frames using different material, such as puffy paint, silky fabric and carpet to stimulate texture. To enhance kinesthetic movements, a trampoline, foam mats and resistance bands were added to the room.

"I would like to extend a special thank you to Jack and Melinda for donating their time to transform the sensory room," said Superintendent Tom Bratten. "Our district is fortunate to have a dedicated team of teachers and staff members who truly care for our students."