Cuyahoga Falls -- Sean Cook's mother, Tracy, told him to accompany her to Fire Station One on Front Street to see his grandfather receive an award for doing a great job as a school bus driver.

When he arrived at the station on Sept. 16, Sean, 13, was surprised to learn he was the one being honored by the mayor for calling 911 to help each of his Cuyahoga Falls grandparents during the past year.

"I heard that you were on the ball to call 911 when [your grandparents] needed help," said Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Walters to Sean at the fire station. "Once we come there, we can take care of people, but we need people like you to let us know when there's something important [happening]. You did a great job."

Walters noted when he heard about Sean's actions, he told Sean, "I wanted to make sure that I acknowledge what you did and let you know how proud I am of you. In my book, you're a hero and I'm sure to [your grandparents], you are, too."

The mayor gave Sean a medal with the city seal and the word "Hero" on it, a card and a Cuyahoga Falls Fire and EMS baseball hat.

"I'm just so glad it worked out well," said Walters.

Cuyahoga Falls Fire Chief Paul Moledor presented a certificate to Sean, who is in seventh grade at Springfield Junior High School.

Sean's father, Mark, his grandparents, Herb and Karen Graham, some friends, and Cuyahoga Falls firefighters Kevin Rubin and Ben Edwards were also onhand for the presentation.

"I didn't expect it at all," Sean said after receiving the awards. He noted he felt "grateful" for the honor and added he thought he was going to watch his grandfather receive an award. Tracy Cook said she didn't tell Sean the real reason for the visit "because we felt he might say no to it. Every time somebody told him he did a great thing he would say 'I only did what everybody else would have done.'"

Tracy said Sean voluntarily spent the summer with his grandparents in their Cuyahoga Falls home. One day in June, Sean said he was watching TV and heard his grandfather, Herb Graham, "mumbling" in a different room. Sean recalled he thought his grandfather was talking to his grandmother, but when he went upstairs, he said his grandfather said he "couldn't breathe." Sean then called 911.

In August 2015, Sean was at his grandparents' house when his grandmother, Karen Graham, said she "got up and collapsed on the floor and couldn't breathe." Sean called 911 and also offered support to his grandmother.

"[Sean] was right there," recalled Karen. "Telling me to take slow, deep breaths."

Tracy expressed gratitude for her son's quick, decisive actions.

"I wouldn't have either one of my parents right now if it wasn't for him," she said. "He's an amazing kid."


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