You can look far and wide but you won’t meet a more charming Beagle than Cora! This little lady is about 10 years-old and came to us from an overcrowded rural county dog shelter around Christmas. Cora is a 100% delightful girl who gets along very well with other dogs and is quite spunky for her age. She loves to run and play and then settles down for a cozy nap afterwards. Cora is crate-trained and likely to be housetrained too although we can’t guarantee it. She looked somber and a little overwhelmed when faced with the camera but she is the complete opposite of that. Cora is bright, cheerful, and almost always has a smile on her face. She was spayed before coming to us and also had a number of bladder stones removed at that time. Canine Lifeline x-rayed her when she arrived at the rescue and everything looks good. The type of stones that Cora had don’t require that she be on a special diet. Her new owner will need to monitor her for bladder infections on a regular basis though as that is the leading cause of this type of stone. Cora also had a skin infection which is being treated with oral antibiotics and weekly medicated baths. She’s responding well to that treatment and is doing well on a grain-free diet which should be continued in her new home. Cora weighs about 17 pounds and her adoption fee is $125. She’s spayed, heartworm negative and on monthly heartworm preventative, up to date on vaccinations, wormed, on flea preventative, and microchipped. All Canine Lifeline adoptions come with a two-week trial period to make sure it’s a great match before the adoption is finalized. Please if you’re interested in Cora.