Garrettsville -- Unbelievable.

That's how the Queen of Hearts drawing at Garrettsville's SkyLane Bowling Alley is described by countless who attend each week.

Yet again, the red Queen of Hearts card was not revealed during the Sept. 18 drawing. The jackpot is now a record-smashing $2.34 million.

SkyLane owner Aaron King flipped the Nine of Hearts card, letting out a groan of despair as more than 15,000 people in the crowd cheered.

This week alone the game broke the previously known Queen of Hearts record of $1.8 million set just last year by Barry Dyngle's Pub in Austintown.

SkyLane's game broke that record Sept. 13 and quickly reached the $2 million mark later in the week. King said he's been working 16-hour days alongside his staff, manning the regular bowling leagues as well as selling tickets.

"It's just been dumb luck that we've gotten this far," he said. "By now we should have revealed the Queen but every week it's the wrong card."

There are now just three cards left on the board.

Along with the regular Queen of Hearts drawing, the 50/50 raffle also drew a record number of participants.

This week the jackpot was $183,954, with half being split between the Portage Animal Protective League and the Garrettsville-Freedom- Nelson Joint Fire District.

One lucky winner walked home with $91,977 in cash.

This week, King is giving his staff a break from selling tickets. Those looking to purchase tickets can do so the following week, with the next drawing set for 6 p.m. on Sept.25.