Stow -- Residents living on certain streets who are in the military or are veterans can get a 40 percent reduction in costs if they want a tree planted in their front yards or on their tree lawns.

City Council approved on Sept. 8 an ordinance reducing the cost for those who qualify from $125 to $75.

Assistant Service Director Don Brooker told City Council at Council's public improvements committee meeting, before the regular meeting, that the discount is an initiative of the city's urban forestry commission, which is charged with maintaining and enhancing the city's tree canopy.

"It's a way of giving back to the military," he said.

The program includes costs of the tree, labor by city employees, watering bag, mulch, top soil and a tree guard to protect against deer.

Council approved the creation of the Stow Tree Lawn Program in 2015 for residents living on streets where the city removed trees from tree lawns. Each home is allowed one tree on either the tree lawn or front yard, except corner lots, which can get two trees, one for each side facing the streets.

The city arborist, who inspects the site prior to approval, will select the types of trees for tree lawns, while those in front yards will be a mutual selection between the homeowner and arborist.

Tree lawns must be at least 5 feet wide and trees are planted in the spring. Trees are guaranteed for a year from the date of planting. After that, trees in yards become the responsibility of the homeowner, while those on tree lawns remain the responsibility of the city.

For more information or an application, call 330-689-5120.


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