The testing of a new traffic pattern at Stow-Munroe Falls High School will be continued another week, according to school officials.

Beginning Sept. 12, all parent drop-offs and pickups were directed to take place in the front of the building. Bus drop-offs and pickups were relegated to the back of the building.

According to Mark Fritz, the district's director of operations, the first week "has been a success."

Fritz said the goal is "to alleviate some of the congestion on Graham Road."

"After a week of studying the traffic patterns we are extending the pilot another week. Our intent all along has been to determine the best way to manage buses and cars safely," said Fritz. "With the tragic accident in Norton on Wednesday, this effort carries even more significance making us resolute to 'get it right' for the majority of our families, students and staff. So far we have seen a much safer process with the buses being segregated from the car traffic."

Fritz acknowledged the new pattern "has inconvenienced some parent drivers as well as seeing some minor issues in front that will be addressed next summer to alleviate concerns if funds are available."