There is a new art show coming to the Cuyahoga Falls City School District. Starting this month, the students at each of the schools in the district will be divided in half (by grade levels) and will have two art shows. Each show will have three winners with first-, second-, and third-place ribbons placed on the winning pieces of art. After the winners are chosen, the art of both first-place winners will be taken to the Hyre Insurance Agency (Farmers Insurance) and displayed in the lobby for one month. Additionally, each winner's class will receive $100 worth of Art Supplies to use in their classrooms.

The first school Art Show will take place at Lincoln Elementary on Sept. 20. The two groups will be Kindergarten through second grades and third through fifth grades. Theme for the show is a favorite memory of the student's summer. October Art Show will be at Price Elementary with a Fall theme. Ronald Hyre, Owner of the Hyre Insurance Agency will be the judge of the art shows. The agency is sponsoring the art show and providing the awards.