Northfield Center -- Northfield Center-Sagamore Hills Fire District will disband at noon on Sept. 14 and the fire station will remain closed until Sept. 16 so city firefighters can transition into the station.

Macedonia Fire Chief Tim Black said there will be no interruption of service to either Northfield Center or Sagamore Hills, which had been served by the fire district. He said emergency calls will be handled by Macedonia firefighters from either the new Sagamore Hills substation or the city's fire station.

"We will have a staff of four firefighters at Sagamore and five in Macedonia until Friday morning," Black said, adding he expects the Northfield Center substation to reopen by then.

Black said the department is also awaiting approval from the state to station pharmaceuticals in Northfield Center.

When the station does reopen it will do so as the Northfield Center Safety Building, and become known as "Station 3."

The transition comes less than a week after the contract was inked between Macedonia and Northfield Center.

Township Trustees voted unanimously Sept. 7 to sign a $375,000-per-year, five-year contract for fire and EMS protection with Macedonia.

Macedonia City Council ratified the contract Sept. 8 with a unanimous vote.

Sagamore Hills and the city ratified a similar, $750,000 annual, five-year contract in April -- a move that forced closure of the fire district and required Northfield Center to seek an alternative for fire protection on its own.

The city's contracts with the townships require the Macedonia Fire Department to staff substations in each township with at least two firefighters.

The townships will still have the cost of maintaining equipment, purchasing new equipment and maintaining infrastructure.

Black said Sept. 12 his firefighters were in the process of training on the former district's vehicles and moving equipment to Sagamore Hills. "We have the manpower and a pretty extensive plan in place," Black said.

He said the reason for the Sept. 14 take over was because the city has been filling in vacant fire district shifts when necessary -- only one person was scheduled to work that day, with no one on the schedule for Sept. 15, the original date of the district's dissolution.

Black said the city has had to fill approximately 10 shifts during the past few weeks due to call-offs.

Northfield Center Trustee Rich Reville said Sept. 12 the transition was progressing well, with all the equipment inspected and up to date.

Reville added the titles for equipment have been transferred from the district to the townships, which are splitting the former district's equipment 50/50, with each township getting a fire engine and two ambulances.

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