Members of Aurora-based Creatures-N-Features 4-H Club have accomplished much success in their endeavors over the past year.

Adviser Cheri Goggin has been in charge of the club for the last three years, and this year the club has 17 members ages 5 to 19, including six Cloverbuds (ages 5 to 8).

Members have diversified interests: gardening; baking, cooking and cake decorating; photography; sewing and quilting; and fishing, dogs and horses.

This year, youths also got to experience archery, composting, canning of jellies, building Mason bee boxes and trail riding. They participated in a stream monitoring program, raised chicks from fertilized eggs and enjoyed an overnight campout.

Josie Hydell attended 4-H Camp Whitewood and participated in a counselor-in-training program, while Alyssa Colvin earned a scholarship to attend the Hunter's Outlet archery program.

The club assembled a 16-foot wide booth for the Portage County-Randolph Fair, which won a grand champion award.

Megan MacIntyre, 18, won several ribbons for her canine projects and showing prowess at the Ohio State and Portage fairs, including her sixth year in the state fair dog show.

At the Portage Fair, she was grand champion in the "self-determined," "getting started in art" and "hands to larger service" projects, and baked an award-winning pie.

Camryn Latshaw, 9, earned best of show for her sunset photo at the Portage fair, plus awards for her dog project and bread baking skills. She participated at the state fair in the "you and your dog" interview.

Jennah Latshaw, 11, also won awards at the Portage fair for her dog project, photography and pie-baking, and at the state fair in the "you and your dog" interview, and dog show and 4-H promotion poster contests.

Alyssa Colvin, 11, earn-ed honors for dog showing, photography and pie-baking.

Josie Hydell, 15, and Cydni Fields, 6, and Christian Ward, 18, and Rori Fields, 8, combined to earn awards for their double-crusted pies at the Portage fair, while Marcy Hydell, 9, was reserve grand champion in "let's start baking" and took a ribbon for cookie-baking.

Abigail Ward, 15, earned a blue ribbon for pie-baking, while Emma Levick, 11, and Lynnae Varkala, 10, won pie-baking and photography honors at the Portage fair.