Fire closes Ellet High School Sept. 12
Akron — A high school in Northeast Ohio was closed on Sept, 12 after a section of the building caught fire over the weekend.
The Akron Fire Department says firefighters were called to Ellet High School Sept. 10 and found light smoke throughout the hallways. Firefighters later found the fire and extinguished it.
A spokesman for Akron Public Schools tells the Akron Beacon Journal the fire is thought to have started in the building’s maintenance office. It damaged a section of the building that houses the school’s construction program.
There were no reported injuries.
The fire caused an undetermined amount of damage. An investigation is ongoing.
— Associated Press

4 teens flee treatment center, attack employees
Canton — Authorities in Northeast Ohio say an employee at a treatment center for juveniles had his neck fractured when he and a colleague were beaten as four teenagers escaped the facility.
The Repository reports the boys who fled the secured residential facility near Canton on Sept. 4 were caught nearby by law enforcement within a couple of hours. They’re expected to face charges related to the assault and escape.
The 59-year-old assistant supervisor who suffered the neck fracture says he and his co-worker were attacked as they conducted a nighttime check of two wings of the facility.
The head of the juvenile system that oversees the center says it will review what happened and how, but no immediate changes are being made because of the incident.
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Lake Erielighthouse restored
Put-In-Bay— A 19-century lighthouse on a Lake Erie island has been restored and is being offered for events like weddings.
The 2 1/2-story brick South Bass Island Lighthouse guided ships from July 1897 until October 1962.
The Blade reports that Ohio State University, which acquired the building from the federal government in 1867, is making the restored lighthouse available for special events starting next year.
The lighthouse with a 60-foot tower is unusual because of the amount of living space in an attached Queen Anne-style home.
The grounds, which include a butterfly garden, are a popular spot for viewing Lake Erie.
— Associated Press

Analysis shows 21-year-olds most ticketed drivers
Cleveland — A newspaper investigation has found that 21-year-olds received the most traffic citations out of any age group in Ohio, despite not being the most licensed drivers.
The analysis by The Plain Dealer of more than 612,000 traffic tickets from the Ohio State Highway Patrol in 2015 shows troopers wrote nearly 23,000 citations last year to 21-year-olds.
Male drivers accounted for 70 percent of those tickets.
The analysis found that drivers in their 20s accounted for 196,456— or nearly a third —of tickets written by troopers. Drivers age 21 to 25 were in the most fatal accidents— 193 —last year, according to the state Department of Public Safety. At nearly 66,000, they also had the most crashes that damaged property.
There are 125,567 licensed drivers who are 21-years-old in Ohio. With almost 160,000 licensed drivers, 58-year-olds are the most registered group of drivers of any age in the state, according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Those drivers received 70 percent fewer tickets than 21-year-olds.
According to state patrol records, more than 80 percent of ticketed drivers live in the state.
— Associated Press

Students enjoy first ever pizza ATM
Cincinnati — Students and others at an Ohio university are enjoying a tasty slice of life thanks to a newly installed ATM for pizza.
Xavier University in Cincinnati has partnered with a French company to install the first Pizza ATM in North America.
The company, Paline, says the machine will hold 70 pizzas at once. Customers will be able to use a touch screen to pick one of the $10 pizzas, which will be heated for several minutes, placed in a cardboard box and ejected through a slot.
Paline says the pizza dispensers have been in Europe for 14 years. They’re typically in small towns, at gas stations or pizzerias.
Pizza lovers have been using the machine since it started providing pies on Sept. 8.
— Associated Press