Northfield Center -- Drivers on Olde Eight and Brandywine roads will have to make their way through construction for the next several months, while the county replaces nearly 1,000 feet of sewer lines on the two roads.

The public sewer that lies in an easement on the two roads has failed several times due to bad joints and root intrusion, said Michael Weant, Department of Sanitary Sewer Services Director.

"There haven't been any problems with residences backing up or anything," Weant said. "It's just that from a maintenance standpoint, we're just out there maintaining the sewer far more than we need to. It [sewer line] has settled over the years and separated at the joints so it's something we need to fix."

The engineer's estimated cost of the project is just under $305,000. Weant said the project will be funded by Ohio Water Development Authority an d repaid by the county's sewer enterprise fund.

"We will be replacing old vitrified clay pipe with new PVC or plastic pipe," Weant said. "The diameters on the pipe are 8 inch and 10 inch. The project also includes reconnecting any existing laterals or residential services and replacing all the manholes as well."

The project is currently out for bid, and Weant said the earliest work could start would be late September or early October provided Council approves the work. He said the project is to be completed in 120 days from the start but area residents should not expect any major road closures or long-term interruptions to their sewer service.

Weant added residents could see up to a 60 minute delay in service while crews tie in the private lateral or house line but there won't be any "major" disruptions.

Weant said the work "should reduce maintenance activities and increase the reliability or availability of sewer, because we aren't going out all the time and cleaning it or repairing it, so good for the customer good for us."

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