Woodview Estates subdivision, off Bissel and Cochran roads, is once again lining their streets with luminaries on Christmas Eve. This tradition started about 5-6 years ago, by Courtney and EJ Nemet, with just a few houses. Each year it grew bigger. Last year the Nemets approached the neighborhood association, and it was agreed the entire neighborhood would participate. 

The Nemets still spearhead it, and beginning in September/October the entire neighborhood helps them start collecting towards the 800-some empty gallon milk jugs they will use.  They also collect donations of candles and sand.  Much work is put into creating the actual luminaries by Courtney Nemet.  On Christmas Eve, the Nemets and their helpers set the luminaries out, and at dusk they are lit.  

This Christmas Eve, Woodview Estates invites it's fellow Aurora neighbors to take a leisurely drive through their streets and enjoy their beautiful display.