Aurora -- The 2014-15 school year kicked off Aug. 21 "very smoothly," said Superintendent Russ Bennett.

"What stood out the most for me was that virtually all our parents attended our elementary meet-and-greets and our sixth-grade open house," he said. "The support our parents give to their children and the schools is so evident. That support is truly appreciated."

Bennett credited the busing staff with doing "a great job of ensuring we get the students to and from school safely." He called the amount of adjustments they had to do at the last moment to accommodate families' day care needs "remarkable."

He also credited the custodial staff with getting the buildings ready. "They are spotless and the floors shine," he said.

"Our administrators and guidance staff ensured all students were in the right classrooms and that made for a smooth start. We have a great team of staff members committed to the students, and it shows. We're going to have another great year."

Julie Troman, new principal at Craddock School, said the first day was excellent.

"The staff, parents and community are just amazing," she noted, adding she can't imagine a better place to be than surrounded by all the first- and second-graders in the halls.

She said it was lonely at first before the first day.

"I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to get the kids and families working with the staff and having the advantage of working on goals together," she said. "I want to challenge the kids to grow and learn as much as possible.

"Here in Aurora, proficient is never good enough. We're always striving to teach kids to advance, do more and keep working at things. I think this sets Aurora apart from everyone else because we strive for excellence."

PAUL GOODWIN, new principal at Leighton, said the opening days of school went very well, and noted the staff was very helpful. "Parents are always supportive, the kids are great and the staff does the things they need to do to get things going the right way," he explained.

"I'm excited to be here. I told the staff that this is a great opportunity to work with them and see how we can help our kids be as successful as they can be with all of the changes going on in education. It's an amazing place to be.

"I'm basically looking forward to what I would look forward to anywhere I am," Goodwin continued. "I'm looking forward to a continued cooperative effort from everybody so that the youngsters are successful when we're done.

"I have to get to know people. I've been an administrator now for quite a while, but it's just one of those things finding out how to be an administrator [in a different environment], and I think that's some of what I have to learn.

"We always hit the ground running. We'll go where we need to be and I think that's the other thing I'm looking forward to -- seeing how the challenges are met."

Officials are looking forward to open houses at the high school tonight (Aug. 27) and for eighth-graders and their parents Aug. 28 at Harmon. The district will be closed Sept. 1 (Labor Day), after which the students and staff will return to begin getting into the meat of the fall season.

The Greenmen varsity football team will open the season on Aug. 29 at Twinsburg. It is their last season competing in the Chagrin Valley Conference. Next year, the teams will switch to the Suburban League.


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