Akron -- In what has been described by Summit County and city of Twinsburg officials as a win-win agreement, Summit County Council voted 11-0 on Aug. 18 to approve a deal with the city to purchase wastewater capacity in the city's treatment plant for $1.9 million over 25 years.

The agreement between the city and county is part of an overall $3.1 million project, which also includes $1.2 million to replace a county-owned treatment plant in Reminderville with a pumping station. The latterthen will transport Reminderville sewage to Twinsburg.

District 1 County Councilor Nick Kostandaras said he voted for the resolution because it consolidates county services and infrastructure.

The Aug. 18 resolution authorizes the county to purchase 650,000 gallons of wastewater volume per day from the Twinsburg plant on Ravenna Road. Twinsburg unanimously approved the deal June 24.

The county-owned plant in Reminderville will be razed and replaced with a pump station and force main, which will allow the county to divert Remiderville area wastewater flow to Twinsburg.

Twinsburg Service Director Chris Campbell has said that the city plant -- with a total processing capacity of 5.8 million gallons -- has the room to handle the waste.

The 704 affected village residents will continue to pay the county a flat rate of $62.22 per quarter for wastewater service, according to Mike Weant, Summit County Director of Environmental Services.

Twinsburg normally charges 1.5 times its normal rate of $45.50 per quarter, or about $68.25 per quarter, for non-resident wastewater treatment services. Those metered for public water will continue to pay $6.67 per 100 cubic feet of water used.

"[Reminderville residents] will continue to be billed under the county's ordinance rate," Weant said. "There will be no change in the rate for those customers in Reminderville."

Weant added his department had previously considered keeping and expanding the county treatment plant in Reminderville at a cost of $4.1 million, eventually deciding that the pump station project and partnership with Twinsburg was the more cost-effective option.

Work on shutting down the existing treatment plant and building the pump station is expected to begin late in 2015, with the new infrastructure ideally beginning operations late in 2016.

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