You could say Jeff lives a little bit on the edge. Well, he's certainly focused on it anyway. Ohio Valley Saw provides sharpening services at the market.

Jeff, an Army veteran, started his business in 2010 after his deployment to Iraq. He said he had thought of owning his own business since he was a youngster. While in the military, he saved money and was able to realize his dream when he returned home.

Ohio Valley Saw is located at 4704 Darrow Road, near the Stow/Hudson border. The company's primary business is sharpening industrial cutting tools. At Hudson Farmers Market, Jeff sharpens household items, such as knives, scissor, and garden tools. He also offers his services at the Countryside Conservancy farmer's market at Howe Meadow.

Jeff is one of the more unusual vendors at the market. In a sense, one has to come to the market prepared to see him. After all, no one walks around with a kitchen knife hoping to find a sharpener. But, for those who love to cook, there are few items that are more essential than a sharp knife.

Visitors to Hudson Farmers Market can drop off items at Jeff's tent to have them sharpened while they go off to do their shopping. Then, at the end of their visit, they can pick up the items.

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