Hudson -- German visitors will enjoy a taste of Hudson when they celebrate 30 years of friendship with the city.

Hudson and Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany, became sister cities 30 years ago, and officials and residents frequently visit one another.

Mayor Gunter Otremboc of Landsberg and former Mayor Harold Bayless of Hudson signed a document Aug. 26, 1984, in a ceremony at Hudson Town Hall officially recognizing each other as sister cities. A sign is visible on Church Street pointing toward Landsberg.

"Many strong bonds of friendship have developed over the years between the citizens of our two communities," said anniversary organizer Ingrid Brock. "It is our hope that these friendships will continue well into the future."

To celebrate the anniversary, a group of 16 Landsberg citizens will visit Hudson for 10 days, arriving Aug. 23 at approximately 5 p.m. at the Barlow Community Center, where host families will meet them.

Philipp Brachtel will be the group leader from the city government of Landsberg, Brock said. He visited two years ago and toured the city's different departments as well as Western Reserve Academy and Hudson High School.

The visitors will have a full schedule. Any Hudson resident who would like to accompany the Germans on the field trip or carpool can contact Brock at 330-650-9257 or Roland Winzer at 330-650-4852.

Residents are invited to meet with the German guests at Town Hall and other open events, Brock said.

A schedule of events includes a welcome picnic Aug. 24 at 2 p.m. at Hudson Springs Park and a concert on the Green at 6 p.m.

An official welcome will take place Aug. 25 at 10 a.m. at Town Hall followed by a walking tour of Hudson led by WRA archivist Tom Vince. At noon, the visitors will meet with Liz Murphy, head of Destination Hudson Visitor's Center with a lunch at Laurel Lake Retirement Community. They will visit safety forces in Hudson and end the day at the Hudson Library and Historical Society.

The Landsberg guests will visit Amish country, Pittsburgh, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Hudson High School, a high school football game and go for a boat ride in Cleveland during the week.

They also will be able to enjoy the Taste of Hudson Aug. 31. The German visitors will gather at 11:30 a.m. before the library to participate in the parade to open the Labor Day weekend event.

Hudson residents will have plenty of opportunities to meet and talk with the German visitors before they fly home Sept. 1.


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