Hudson -- The second annual Quidditch Tournament hosted at the Hudson Library and Historical Society saw a new winner for 2014. Boys and girls entering grades 4 to 9 from four communities competed in the tournament with a new high score toppling last year's winner -- Hudson, who scored 39 points.

Postponed by rain, the match was rescheduled for Aug. 14 and saw teams from Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Peninsula and Stow competing on the field behind the Hudson library. After several matches the final scores were tallied with Hudson scoring 52 points; Cuyahoga Falls scoring 60 points; Peninsula scoring 67 points; and Stow scoring 102 points. Twinsburg did not compete this year.

"The Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library team was very excited to participate in this tournament for the second year in a row," said coach and Stow Children's Library Associate Chris Andersen. "Being able to play Quidditch just like Harry Potter and his friends was a fun opportunity for the kids from our community."

One player wanted to keep playing after the tournament was over, Andersen said. He wondered if the city of Hudson could turn on the lights since it was nearly dark.

"That's dedication!" Andersen said. "Our team was quite excited to win the tournament this year, but I think the real appeal of this tournament was that it gave kids the chance to immerse themselves in the world of one of their favorite book characters."

Quidditch is a game invented and written by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter book series. The game is played by wizards and witches on brooms with flying quaffle balls, bludgers to knock out players and a flying snitch ball.

In muggle or human Quidditch, the roles are different and names are changed, said Hudson Children's and Y/A Services librarian Amelia Yunker. The chasers wear purple armbands and throw the quaffle foam balls through a hoop to score points. Taggers wear orange arm bands and can freeze the chasers by tagging them. Chasers must drop the ball and wait three seconds before moving. Keepers use a broom to keep the other team from scoring through two hoops. Seekers try to find the snitch or small decorated ball worth multiple points which is thrown onto the field at any time.

The Hudson coach was Yunker and team members included Sumedlha Mahesh, 9, Amelia Swain, 9, Sophia Frammarpino, 9, Brendan Ashurst, 9, Anthony Yuhos, 9, Ben Long, 11, Joelle Kratzert, 10, Jimena Oliva, 10, Casey Rzeszutko, 12, Arthur Merchant, 9, Jacob Schneider, 9, and Elizabeth Unger, 10.

The Cuyahoga Falls coach was Angela Williams and team members included Julia Rizzo, 12, Lillian Taylor, 9, Jacob Capaldi, 10, Cristian Gonzalez, 9, Landon Kneil, 9, Marcus Crawford, 10, Joe Brown, 11, Jake Brown, 9, and Stow players Stella Rich, 9, Sam Angerstien, 10, and Kassie Batchelor, 9.

The Peninsula coach was Chris Collins and team members included Anna Cook, 9, Betty Sterling, 10, Leo Stumpfl, 10, Zachary Nolan, 10, Rosie Sterling, 12, Camren Elia, 11, Leah Ziegler, 11, Isabelle Bailey, 11, LIam Clarke, 8, Oliver Mayer, 9, Alex Elia, 13, and Brian Mahaffey, 12.

The Stow coach was Andersen and team members included Hollie Anderson, 10, Emily Garfield, 10, Sarah Staudt, 10, Johnathon Staudt, 13, Ben Allio, 11, Will Allio, 11, Cameron Gordon, 9, Dylan Wysomierski, 10, Elliott Bailey, 11, Trenton Macura, 9, Connor Scarberry, 9, Logan Brittan, 12, and Seth Macura, 11.

The Quidditch Tournament is a collaborative effort between the four libraries in Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Peninsula and Stow.


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