The thought of summer coming to an end and school beginning isn't the happiest realization for children.

But if returning to school is a must, Hudson Middle School students have helped create videos for Safe Routes Hudson on how to walk and bike to school safely.

Four videos were unveiled at Hudson High School on Aug. 12, the work of HMS students as actors, local actress Julia Kolibab as the director, Safe Routes director Brenda Devine and the Hudson High School Video Club.

"The kids put in a lot of work," said Mike

Ondash, teacher and video club director. "They found out even a 5-minute video takes a lot of time."

Middle school students who were selected during tryouts in the spring met on four different days in the summer. Kolibab was happy they avoided rain on all the dates, since it was so hard to have everyone available with busy summer schedules.

All four videos were shown to parents and students, each with their own topic.

The first video talked about what Safe Routes is all about, giving several useful tips for students who plan to walk or ride their bike to school.

The second video focused on safety, such as what to do at a cross walk. It also introduced people to the "Hudson Busters," a duo of superheroes who were out to protect students and make sure they were following all the rules.

The third video was directed more toward parents, providing driving safety tips for those planning to do drop offs at any of the Hudson City Schools. How to get in and out of the parking lot and, of course, the dangers of texting and driving, were key topics.

The fourth video was a recap, going over the special Safe Routes days to be aware of during the school year and reminding people to keep up the good work on making safe choices when coming to school.

All four videos were full of information, but mixed in humor to keep the target audience


Kolibab praised the students for their work on the videos.

"They were so enthusiastic and committed and energetic," she said. "We had some improvising with walkers and bikers, which was good."

The children who were in the video were: James Banko, Lauren Betz, Thomas Bruening,

Andrew Burke, Jack

Divine, Emma Fisher, A.J. Fulco, Amy Fulton, Kaitlyn Glen, Karsen Guldan, Ronni Hallis, Sarah Hinkle, Jack Lehman, Kelsey Lowman, Emma Masi, Ben McManus, Dylan Montgomery, Brian Myers, Miranda Namiotka, Helena Norman, Emily Rediger, Olivia Robinson, Iza Schilling, Connor Silverman, Hunter Trautmann and Monique Van De Motter.

Board of Education Councilman David Zuro was on hand to see the videos.

"I thought they were totally awesome," Zuro said. "The kids did a good job. Safe Routes Hudson has been a great program. It teaches energy conservation, being healthy and active... it's a plus for the schools and community."

For people who want to see the videos, Devine said they will be shown at parents meetings, orientations, registration, open houses, on Hudson Cable TV, the school website ( and the Safe Routes website,

Hudson Popcorn sponsored the video unveiling night and provided snacks for the audience afterwards.


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