Aurora -- Should there be a primary election in Aurora if there are more than two candidates for a city office?

Voters won't be answering that question, after the city's charter review commission, which met monthly for five months earlier this year, declined to recommend that proposal be sent to the ballot.

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As required by the charter, the review commission meets every five years to review the charter and recommends changes, according to Law Director Dean DePiero.

Sixteen charter changes adopted by the commission and City Council will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot.

There had been some talk about possibly going to a primary election after six candidates vied for the position of mayor in last November's election.

Ann Womer Benjamin was elected, while John Monroe, Tom Plunkett, John J. Kudley Jr., Delbert D. Dunbar and Mark J. Demyan also sought the post.

It was the largest number of people ever to run for mayor.

Dr. Larry Oswick, chairman of the commission, said the reasons for not recommending a change to the charter provision dealing with elections included:

• In the history of Aurora, this was the only time six candidates sought an office where there was only one seat open.

• According to the Portage County Board of Elections, each special primary election would cost Aurora about $15,000.

• According to the Board of Elections, the voter turnout at primary elections is very low.

"Therefore, the commission decided this issue did not warrant a change in the charter at this time," Oswick said.

Among areas where charter review members recommended amendments were Council and mayor vacancies, legislature procedures, annual appropriations, contracts and purchasing, director duties, recall and master plan review by Council.

In addition to Oswick, charter review commission members were Jane Adams, William Keckan, Charisse Louis, Dale Moravec, Nancy Schnell, Liz Sutter, Mary Thomas and Richard Vlasak.


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